14 octobre 2011

My friends are talented #1 : Giulia Grossmann

Guilia is a french video artist that creates videos and interactive installations at the border of  documentary and fiction. She films situations that pre-exist her project, and that are at first not intended to be filmed. But the way she does it makes the line between fiction and reality permeable. There is no plot in her videos, neither chronological order, and the framework itself seems movable.

I love this unfinished movie she is working on right now. This is called Native American but it was filmed in the south of France. The quality of the photography is perfect, and makes it look like a real western movie, but in the meantime, the surrounding sound, the accent of the actors and the greenness of the scenery bring us back to reality.

A reality where some people pretend to be in the big west, just for fun. A romanced reality, where the time passes slowly and delightfully, while we look at those grown up playing indians and cowboys in the forest of Gironde. 

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  1. Anonyme20.10.11

    Cool, je peux aller voir ce qu'elle fait maintenant, je connais pas du tout son boulot !